DIY Kitchen Cabinet Painting

If you are willing to take on the task of kitchen cabinet painting then you could save big! We are here to guild you through the process.

Lawless Painting can be hired to help customers with preparation, priming/finish painting all cabinet doors, drawer fronts and miscellaneous parts. We also offer removal & installation of kitchen cabinet doors, drawer fronts, hardware & hinges.
Tagging/Labeling all Kitchen Cabinet Parts & diagram/ re- installation of kitchen finished parts.
See services for more details in process.

The DIY To-Do List:
■ Primer/Finish Painting: the kitchen cabinet boxes/cabinet frames are the customer’s responsibility.
■ Suggested to protect and cover all floors, countertops, and appliances before proceeding.
■ Removal of Cabinet Doors & Drawer Fronts: take a photo of the kitchen and make notes. This helps with reinstalling.
■ We suggest to have 2 people when removing the doors
■ Remove all hardware, handles, knobs, hinges, laying cabinet parts on soft material
■ Label the doors & drawer fronts using blue tape.
■ Label drawer fronts indicating top or bottom before removing.
■ Tag all hinges which is important for reinstallation
■ Wash cabinet frames/boxes. Use a dish soup in some areas if grease remover is needed.
■ Sand cabinet frames: using a 320 grit sand paper, sanding with grain to a smooth surface. A 180 to 220 grit sandpaper maybe required before the 320 grit is used.
■ Clean up all heavy dirt/dust from cabinet frames
■ Using a tack cloth wipe down and remove all the fine dust completely from cabinet frames.
■ Apply two light to medium coats of primer (using brush and roller) keeping the primer even
■ Watch for drips in the corners and edges.
■ After first coat of primer is completely dry, re-sand lightly with 320 grit sand paper. You are looking for a very fine smooth surface with no bumps or roughness.
■ Repeat primer process and apply two coats of finish paint.

Do it Yourself Guide: suggested tools and items needed.
■ Rubber gloves
■ Small Step Ladder
■ Drop Cloth. A soft towel
■ Tape (blue tape)
■ Construction paper / optional
■ A mild detergent washcloth and a scrub pad
■ Finishing SandPaper 220 Grit/ 320 Grit
■ Paint Brush 1 ½ inch a premium brush works best. Clean after ever uses.
■ A fine paint roller (mohair, Foam) 3 to 4 inch works well
■ Paint Tray to brush & roll out of.
■ Primer & Finish Paint / select on surface / color/ finish
■ Rags for cleaning Up.
■ Low impact screwdriver Or a four way screwdriver works good.
■ Google cabinet painting
■ Ink