fine finish spray shop for kitchen cabinets philadelphia

fine finish spray shop for kitchen cabinets philadelphia

Fine Finish Spray Shop

Our experience in fine finish spray jobs is extensive including quality application with waterborne/solvent based coatings. We also work with paints running parallel with residential and commercial painting application of products. Our main work is in kitchen cabinet painting in Philadelphia.

Our Fine Finish Spray Shop is set up for

  • Painting Kitchen Cabinets
  • Doors (wood, medal, custom doors, roll back)
  • Metal Railings / Exterior Lamps
  • Inside & Outside Furniture
  • Any type of objects / small parts

Other Spray Shop Services

  • Fine Finish Carpentry
  • Tiling Back Splash
  • Installation of Cabinet Lighting & Electrical Outlets (receptacles)
  • Installing & Changing (Cabinet) Hardware

We also work with industrial coatings, films, liners, parts, lamps, valves, pumps and medical equipment for medical lab small pump boxes. We also work with sports equipment and accessories.

Spray Shop Facility Equipped with

  • HVLP (high-volume low-pressure)
  • Conventional Spray Systems
  • Open Face Spray Booth
  • Prepping Station (cleaning, sanding, striping, tooling)
  • Dry Rack System
  • Infrared Paint Curing Lamps
  • Manufacturing: Wood Panels - Kitchen Parts – kitchen Modifications
  • Mechanical: Set Ups – Repairs – tooling

Painting Residential Kitchen Cabinets

Painting residential kitchen cabinets usually has about a 7-10 day turnaround time to completion.

Day One: Floors & countertops are covered with construction paper.
All Doors & Draw Fronts to be removed.
Painting outside of cabinet boxes to inside return.
All areas prepped (cleaned- tooled – sanded- repairs as required)
Fill holes & cracks and apply primer. (brush & roll fine finish)

Day Two & Day Three: Prep & Paint Doors & Draws at Lawless Painting Shop

Day Four: Finish Painting Boxes: Prep primer with light sand do any repairs Apply two coats of finish paint ( product). Pre-Pair for installation of doors & draw fronts.

Day Five: - Finish Kitchen: Install Doors & Draw Fronts & do any touch ups